teenage mutiny

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My name’s Augusta, and I’m yet to be given a nickname due to the fact that my name is so awkward, aha. I was named after a Saint, who was killed by her own father because of her conversion to Christianity.. That’s always a conversation starter. I seem to be secluding myself and running away with my thoughts, I can be nostalgic at time but I guess everyone is.

I’m 16 years old, but you will often find me writing my age as XVI, because Roman numerals make the most mundane ages look fascinating. I live in Kent, I want to say something profound about living in Kent, but nothing comes to mind. I was born December 29th and I am a Capricorn.

I think I’m becoming a recluse, which I think is brilliant as I hear that all the best people are. I have brown eyes, Black hair that’s as close to a description you’ll get of my appearance, until I feel brave enough to show my face. I have a tendency to let my mind wander at the oddest of moments. “Conformity is not acceptance, it is a lethargy that steals your innocence” so I tend to distance myself from it. 

I’m 5ft5, which I am very happy about because it means I’ve grown an inch this Summer, and I am in love with fruit teas I drink it everyday albeit we are in the middle of Summer. 

I tend to set myself goals, that I never intend to keep and when I’m feeling priggish I like to read novels from Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen or just write poetry whilst attempting to impersonate a lost soul. I have made Tumblr three times and delete it when my follower count increases -which is ridiculous- but I intend to keep this account.

I am an optimist,  at times a pessimist and on the odd occasion narcissistic  tinged with a hint of condescension, and although these are awful traits, I try to deliver the worst traits by delivering them in moderate doses… which I can control myself.

I love music, I could be walking with my friends and burst into song spontaneously. I love folk music and Indie music, but undoubtedly The Smiths are my babies -hence my blog name- I seem to find myself having dreams of dancing with 80s Morrissey singing with him in This Charming Man.

I would love to go to gigs, but I’m biding my time, as I think 4 people in my school have similar music tastes to me and one of which is my Science teacher. I am a political enthusiast, but I am not so chauvinistic that I would openly post my views on Tumblr.

I have a dry sense of humour and cannot stand people who pretend to be more intelligent than they are. I dislike people with poor grammar or use tautology, also to people who try to use big words but are using them incorrectly I say; STOP!

I played the guitar on and off for 5 years, I gave up because I broke all three of the guitars I have ever owned 2 of which were presents. My blog is a disposable blog and of course I reblog The Smiths, Morrissey and my favourite bands.

At times, I love to be alone but other times I like to be surrounded by a group of people. I like going jogging in the early hours of the morning and getting lost in woodlands or fields nearby. I’m not as adventurous as my sixteen year old counterparts, purely because I am a law abiding citizen -although admittedly I am awful at handing my library books in  on time.

If this is news to you this was quite clearly written a while ago. I have become more and more selective in who I speak to and you will quite often find me alone at lunch times. I seem to have abandoned my current friendships and seem to be reverting back to my friendships with the people I knew when times were good. 

I am quite fatalistic when it comes to the idea of relationships or teenage romance, based solely on my awful track record of non-existences and unkissed kissiness. I am terribly grumpy which for a girl of 16 is quite an awful trait. I keep a diary which I fill in sporadically.

London grammar, Guillemots, Tame Impala, Stornoway, Beirut,Alt-j, Everything Everything, Peace, Two door cinema Club, Metronomy, Bombay bicycle club, Little Comets, Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, Daughter, Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Foals,Warpaint, Bloc Party, Friendly Fires (when they finally release a new album), MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Bella Mere, Arcade Fire, City and Colour, Disclosure, Elbow, Iron and Wine, M83, The Black Keys, The Paper Kites, The Magic Numbers, The Honey trees, SBTRKT, Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Dog is Dead, Mystery Jets, Slow Club, Angus and Julia Stone, The Drums, The XX, The Villagers, The Wombats, Emily and The Woods, Palma Violets (Because Chili Jesson), Real Estate and The Art of Sleeping.